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As I see it, take the rear tire (the rubber part) off the rim and use the groove in the rim as a pulley. On the generator install a pulley (this will be of a much smaller size) and install a belt between pulleys. Because of the size difference the generator will turn many times to that of the wheel.


  1. Remove the back tire from the bike.
  2. Remove the sprocket from the back tire.
  3. Put the sprocket from the back tire on the generator, as you may need to custom fit it to make it work. Bore out the sprocket threads or something similar to make it fit on tight.
  4. Put the Generator on the bike frame. My advice is to use the Generator mount holes to secure it to the bike by way of a make-it-yourself bracket or welding it to the bike. For those with an exercise bike with the wheel in the front, use this instead of a real bike. These have lots of ways to hook up a generator and are easy to put a brake on.
  5. Put the chain back on and cut out the link's not needed for best fit.
  6. Hook up your power line's to the outlet's on the generator. If DC you will need a converter for anything you want to run that's not. AC will need a converter for thing's that use DC.

Offered by Bruce.