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Can this be used to re-charge dead 12V batteries? And if so, how exactly would you go about it?

Offered by Doug.

Yes and no. If the battery is freshly dead then yes. If it is a Lead-Acid battery and if it sat for a while discharged, say for 6 months to a year (I am not sure of the exact time frame), then I doubt you will get much charge in it. This is because the sulfation is crystallized (hard) and will not go back into solution. This is where a radio frequency pulser would come into play to help un-sulfate the battery.

Hook the output of the alternator and the case of the alternator (ground) to the battery. Pay attention to proper polarity. Attach the field to a rheostat (size yet to be determined) and then to the battery. Sometimes the other side of the field will need to be grounded. Take the tire off the rim and use the grove of the rim as a pulley. Use the pulley already on the generator and install a long belt around these pulleys. Because of the size difference the generator will turn many times to that of the bicycle rim. Use the multi-speed bike gear shift and the rheostat (described above) to adjust for the proper peddling resistance.

Offered by Mike.