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Backwoods Solar

By Dave Knapp, as sent to EarthShips and Self-Sufficient Architecture

Backwoods Solar Electric Systems in Sandpoint, Idaho can get you all of these appliances for very reasonable prices. They have operated their remote backwoods home/store since 1984. Steve and Elizabeth Wiley (they're Quakers, Vegetarians, and Ham Radio operators) installed their first off the grid system in 1974. Steve is very good with electronics and has adapted many appliances for 12v operation. He has three cordless phone models, one a 900 Mhz model and one that is also an answering machine that operates on 12v DC. I purchased a Braun battery powered alarm clock from them for $16. It operates for 3 years on an AA battery, has an electronic alarm and does not make any clicking noises at all. They also have DC operated ceiling fans.

They have many other appliances suited for the remote home that you won't find at Sears or Radio Shack. I'm not trying to steer any business away from SSA, but Backwoods Solar offers a lot of appliances that most of Solar dealers don't. They are a lot cheaper than Real Goods also! They also power their homestead with less sun than you think and get by just fine. Give them a call at 208-263-4290 and they will be very glad to send you out a catalog. Don't take my word for it, once you see the catalog you will wonder how you got along without it.