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Steady Source

Wind power uses batteries to level out the power during changing wind conditions. To generate the same high voltage AC for a slow wind becomes a technology challenge without a battery buffer. One can do better with hydroelectric power and AC only is probably possible and appropriate. A constant flowing water source can produce near constant AC. Not everyone will be near a water source. The water flows will change after the pole shift. One needs to handle the distance that the power will need to be brought in from. Both of these are subject to tampering with or destruction by passing hungry gangs. Keeping these going for 20-30 years will be a challenge. I don't yet know where one can buy a small safe nuclear power plant or fuel cell. What are our other alternatives from your prospective?

Offered by Mike.

Many of the items you mention are quite durable and will not need to be replaced frequently. Choice of technology is critical, you must ask: Can I build this? You mention brushes. Brushes are used on small DC motors, the ones you'd have to use with a low voltage DC power supply. There is a reason industry uses AC motors, they are durable, energy efficient and require very little maintenance. You can store energy by pumping water. One scenario would have wind powered pumps moving water from a low energy reservoir to a high energy one. You can then get steady hydroelectric power from the high energy reservoir, the capacity of the reservoir is all you need to smooth out dips in the wind. Pumps, generators, motors, compressors, air powered tools and appliances, can last for years, can be rebuilt, and can be manufactured using low tech methods. We definitely won't be doing things the way we do now.

Offered by Steve