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I found a company that has thermoelectric generators for sale from an article from the latest [January, 1999] issue of Popular Science. The email they sent me is below for details.

Offered by Steve.

Dear Mr. Ferguson:

Hi-Z is presently selling only the thermoelectric generating modules (HZ-14 and HZ-20) shown on our Internet website. We are not really in the generator business. We do plan to offer a woodstove stack generator in 1999, but it is presently not ready for market. Most of the other generating units shown on our website are applications by others or generators that we have built on development contracts for others.

Our prices FOB San Diego, plus shipping:


1 -9 $ 195 each
10-99 $ 175 each
100-499 $ 149 each
over 500 can be quoted


1 -9 $ 235 each
10-99 $ 210 each
100-499 $ 180 each
over 500 can be quoted

I am told we may be reducing these prices soon, but this is our current pricing.

In most applications you must use insulating wafers on both sides of the module. We recommend the use of heat transfer paste with these wafers. (Refer to the information on our Internet website concerning the use and application of the modules:"") Hi-Z can provide these materials also:

HZ-14 ceramic wafers (two needed) $ 3 each
HZ-20 ceramic wafers (two needed) $ 5 each
2 oz. heat transfer paste $15

We prefer to ship by USPS Express Mail for smaller orders, but shipment can be requested by FedEx, UPS or standard mail. Please be sure to specify shipment method.

Sales tax of 7.75% is added to shipments within the state of California, unless the purchaser is a government agency or unless the order is indicated for resale and a California resale number is provided to us with the order.

We accept Purchase Orders by mail or FAX (619 695-8870) from recognized US and Canadian businesses and government agencies. For sales to individuals we ask for payment in advance, and at this time we do not take credit cards.

Yours sincerely,

Hi-Z Technology, Inc.
7606 Miramar Road
San Diego CA 92126-4202
tel.: 619 695-6660
FAX: 619 695-8870