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As most of Texas is geologically stable, I would expect some of the oil and gas wells to stay intact or at least able to be "worked over".

Offered by Ron.

I really doubt that there will be any significant petroleum reserves left for the "little guy" to tap into post pole shift. I’m sure these will be snapped up pretty quickly by either the government or the people with the biggest guns. I personally don't plan on relying on such reserves. And, of course, with the complexities of petroleum refining, we can be pretty sure that what might possibly survive the pole shift will be the very last of it. Crude oil isn't good for much and refining it is complicated and involves multiple chemical processes. Can anyone imagine this process continuing after the pole shift? I don’t think so, not for a long while, if ever! I don’t think I’m being pessimistic, just realistic. Also, with those huge earthquakes coming our way, do you really think that those huge refined gas storage tanks will survive? I doubt it.

Offered by Craig.