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This company has some of the best off the grid equipment I've seen.

Jade Mountain
Call - 800-442-1972
Fax - 303-449-8266
P.O. Box 4616, Boulder, CO 80306

Solar Laptop Battery Chargers make your portable computer really portable - use them anywhere you can find sunshine! ... Solar Laptops both run and recharge your laptop and portable printer. ...

Solar Verter, everything you need to solar-power a (2xAA, C or D cell) portable radio! ... SolarVerters for larger devices, portable plug-in power for larger electronic devices - CD players, boom boxes, large radios, cell phones, anything that stays in the same volt and amp range. Each includes a 12V cord. ...

Solar Cordless Telephone Charger - talk while your phone charges Use the sun or any light source to continually charge your cordless phone. Go up to twice as long between regular charging and extend battery life. Installs in seconds and includes bright red LED indicator. Highly recommended for long range cordless phones with solar charging stations. ...

Offered by Richard.