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Having purchased solar panels, wind turbines and inverters. I would strongly recommend using Trace all inclusive power panels. They are the best and most widely used. I subscribe to Home Power magazine which provides a wealth of information. Their CDROMs of back issues are also helpful. They have articles where people have built their own systems and components from scratch.

Most catalogs that you get from the different vendors will explain the basics and components of a home power system. I would highly recommend getting one or more to educate yourself. A lot of my education came from the catalogs I received which explained in detail what to expect from home power. Oh by the way, don't expect to run an air conditioner or electric heat, they are incredible energy hogs. Many catalogs come with a data sheet with average energy consumption so you can figure what your minimal energy needs are. Hope this helps, it was about 6 months of research from scratch to boil it down.

Offered by Steve.