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As far as vendors, most have the same or similar catalogs and web sites. I have called them all, and I do mean every single one of them. The best prices I have found are from Mendocino Solar, talk to Rob Harlan 800-981-0369. If he doesn't have it, he can get it for you at an excellant price. Rob Harlan is easy to talk to, in fact, all the vendors are easy to talk to and will help newbies along with their education. An educated customer is a happy one! I have simplified the info to give a good general picture of what to expect. Rob doesn't have a web site that I know of. Some others are Home Power for home power magazine, the best source for info, and Jade Mountain and Backwoods Solar.

Another alternative is the SunWize portable power. It is an all inclusive power source that fits in a box the size of a small cooler. Though it comes with a solar panel, you can substitute it yourself with a wind turbine like the AIR 303. The Sunwize portable system with solar panel sells as a unit for about $1000. For a conserving small home say $2500-4700 for a complete system. A conserving family system, $7000-11,000. Active family, 11,000-15,000. Large home to small business, 18,000-22,500. It just goes up from there. These are just ballpark figures to give you an idea. I'll probably spend about 20,000, with 1 or 2 small sunwize systems and a few crank generators, radios, and lights so that any point of failure I have at least something to fall back on energy-wise.

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