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I understand that we need a 3-stage compressor to compress methane.

Offered by Darrell.

Sounds like you are talking about compressing to liquid. This would be a good idea as the storage is much less. My initial thoughts were to compress it to about 6 times less volume or about 90 psi (pounds pressure per square inch). However, your idea is better if one can find or make a 3 stage compressor. All I can think of right now is a number of refrigeration compressors put in series. Think it might take more than 3. Do you happen to know the amount of pressure needed? I think one now needs to weigh the power it takes to compress with the energy of the gas burned to determine whether this is worth the extra energy expended.

Offered by Mike.

You make a good point. It would take a lot of energy and probably expensive equipment. I did read the information you asked for years ago, but it slips my mind now. I think 3 stage refrigeration compressors are available. It would then handle like LP Gas. I think I remember someone used 3 refrigeration compressors stacked with some success.

Offered by Darrell.