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A new light that is incredibly durable and uses new technology different from LED can be found at This is the Krill Lamp. But the Photons are brighter although Krill is better soft lighting. Received our 15 Photons and ordered 13 more today. Great stuff. Matches the hype. And yes, the Turquoise/Blue is very bright. Definitely brighter than a Maglite solitaire with one battery. And even the single battery version such as the green that would last 7 days, burning continuously, is plenty as a night light when sleeping. I just turned one on and it is now in the first 24 hours and going strong. Supposedly it will go 200 hours on one tiny cell so we shall see. But the product is tiny and of very high quality.

Their two battery installed version (blue/turquoise) is easily 3 to 4 times brighter than the one battery version. White is two battery and only about as bright as the other one battery model, but gives complete spectrum of color. All two batteries last about 12 hours continuous. Tip: For best overall 'super bright' use, buy their green, and put two batteries in it yourself, replacing the one that came. It is about as bright as their other two battery model but green gives much better object definition. It is quite noticeable. Simple physiology. Blue light does not focus accurately on the retina of the normal human eye and this includes turquoise. (That is why you have 'blueblocker' sunglasses.) I think they made a mistake not marketing the green/blue/turquoise as both one and two battery models. Green should easily outsell the other two.

This is an interesting product you have found. Don't know how efficient this is at producing light from electricity. I suspect the Photons are more energy efficient. More information can be found at Savon.

Offered by Mike.