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Cyalume light sticks are great up to a point, you certainly will find some that are bright enough to read by, you'll find some that are bright enough to dazzle, but it's a trade off. The brighter the light the less time it lasts, has to do with the ratios of the chemicals used. (And no I haven’t a clue what they are). The major problem with them in any storage situation is that the are very sensitive to heat, light, humidity and just plain old time, even in their foil wrappers. I've cracked a few that had been lying about for just about 2 years and though they still "glowed" it was a pretty feeble effort, think I sold the rest of the batch to local kids for rave usage. Anyway a better although more expensive solution is the "beta light", a small ampoule filled with tritium gas and a reactive paint which gives off a greenish glow, enough to read a map by at night say. Lasts about ten years or there about. The half life of Tritium is 12.3 years.

There may be some sort of restriction on Tritium in the US, but Penrtith Survival Equipment in the UK stock them. Theirs is particularly well made and comes in a sort of rubber pouch/housing with a covering flap so you can shut it off. Many other UK surplus/outdoor dealers stock similar items. The rubber encased version has an NSN - X4/6260-00-965-3582 may help you source one elsewhere.

Offered by Nick.

I had a chance to test 6" red and green Cyalume sticks. Red lightstick emited too little light to be usefull, but may be used as a sort of a beacon, or to mark something (location). One green lightstick emited enough light to make possible a basic orientation in an average room, for about 12 hours. I believe yellow and white lightsticks, 15" lightsticks or High-intensity 30 minute lightsticks (which I didn't test) may provide enough light for days before, during and after the pole shift, when everything else should be packed, but we don't want to sit in darkness. They don't depend on any source of power, do not burn (cold light!), are a flexible and robust (plastic).


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