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Does anyone know how much these things cost? I can't help thinking a few big candles or some oil lanterns might be just as effective - and a lot cheaper.

Offered by Euan.

I paid approximately $14 (with current exchange rate) for 3 sticks. They are probably much cheaper in USA, or EEC. It's more expensive than candles and oil lanterns, however they won't set fire, which may be important during the pole shift and slightly after, until quakes cool down, and you can use other means like candles and lanterns with less risk. They are of course not an alternative for now, or aftertime. I mean, they are good for use during an emergency time only, during the pole shift.

Offered by Kiko.

The issue with candles, and lanterns is they are prone to break and start a fire during the heavy amount of shaking that will occur during the pole shift. I think a sturdy flashlight taped to some object that will hold it could work as well. The flashlight could last several months of on time if a super bright LED in series with 22-40 ohm resistor is substituted for the tungsten filament bulb. This is assuming it is a 2 cell D size alkaline batteries are used. Makes enough light to read by if held reasonably close.

Offered by Mike.