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A friend of mine was going to be doing a lot of distilling cause he made a huge still. He was going first- class. He lived near a creek that stayed pretty cool, so he was going to figure out how to use that unlimited supply of water. But he still didn't have any water. He couldn't have a small electric pump, cause he didn't have any electricity. As it turns out, he now has 4 lengths of surgical tubing going down to the water, around his (superhuge) condenser. He made a rock and concrete dam about 3.5 feet high, to get a fast stream of suction. He then ran the tubes down to below the dam, and sucked on them. He siphons the water up and out of the creek, through the condenser, and back into the creek. That thing can run as much as he wants it too, cause he isn't wasting any water, and it won't show up on any water bill.

If you are going to be distilling a lot of stuff, you better make a tube going out of the bottom of the beaker so you can dump out the water and garbage every now and then. Of course, connect it to a valve, so you won't lose any precious alcohol that's trying to turn into steam in the beaker. Make sure any tubes (like this one) aren't made out of glass and can melt. It's bad when tubes melt, cause that means you have to rebuild the still almost from scratch.

Offered by Steve.