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Now that it passes the taste test, you can use the pure stuff in place of gas. A little water that's left in it won't hurt since this will raise the octane. Get real familiar with your fuel injectors or carburator and your spark plugs, You will see them a lot. Alcohol will eventually cover things with a whitish film and will need to be cleaned - often. Also your timing may need to be adjusted, since alcohol has a lower density than gas. If it works, you still may find that the car will quit when you press the brakes. Just fire it back up or put it in neutral when slowing down so you can keep giving it gas as you brake.

Offered by Steve.

I attended a carburetor class once where it was said that the same carburetor can run alcohol if you make the jets bigger by about 60% of the high speed jet hole surface area. Assuming the low speed needle can be adjusted for smooth engine idle. Practically what you do is just drill it out a little at a time until it runs smooth. Now what I don't know is what the water to alcohol mixture ratio was assumed to be. I believe they were talking about Methyl.

Offered by Mike.