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Herbs only need to be made into a water (tea) or alcohol tincture or cooked in with the food as eaten. They definitely don't need to be synthesized, as this gets rid of the synergistic phytochemicals. Garlic alone has more than 7 different beneficial phytochemicals. Most herbs are classified as food, not drugs. Have you ever heard of an overdose of Garlic, Cayenne, or Echinacea? I doubt there is even one reported death from ingesting these or many other common herbs. The main problem when they don't work is that not enough was used. Dosage and manufacturing or growing is not a problem. These things have broad spectrum use so there is less likelihood of an incorrect diagnosis causing the patient a problem. I see herbs in broad use after the pole shift. However, if one can properly use and administer drugs and feels safer with these then by all means stock pile what you think you will need.

Offered by Mike.