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Fragile Instruments

There are several instruments which I am sure would survive the pole shift, but I am uncertain how they would hold up in the after-time. The reed instruments, for instance; most of these are fairly small, and would therefore survive if well packed. But would there be a source of reeds in the Aftertime? How long would reeds last? Would they keep, if people got hold of a lot of them before the shift, then hoarded them somewhere? If so, what would be the best method of storage? What kind of temperature would be necessary to best preserve them, until they were needed?

Then there are the stringed instruments - violins, and their relatives; guitars, banjos, ukuleles. Would strings keep all right, if a lot of them were stored? What would be a source for strings in the after-time? I'm sure these instruments would survive, if packed really carefully, in something bolted down to a safe foundation. But would it really be worth the effort, for the limited time they would be able to be used, if we can't store parts properly?

The great thing about these kinds of instruments (apart from some guitars) is that they don't need electricity or batteries. Some of the smaller keyboards would probably survive but they, of course, need power to operate them. Exceptions to this are things like the piano accordion, which has a nice, full sound, and if properly packed and protected, might be a perfect instrument to take into our future. Not only does it sound nice, but it does not need power for its operation. At the date of writing, however, I am unsure whether parts could be obtained to keep it going.

Offered by Helena.