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I am pretty sure that any instrument could survive as long as it was well packed. Instruments like saxophones, clarinets, and oboes are called woodwinds, because they require a small piece of wood to play - a reed. The flute is also considered to be a woodwind, but does not use a reed. I am pretty sure reeds can withstand cold and warm temperatures, within reason, at least. Probably the most important thing would be to keep the reeds dry, otherwise they will warp. The only other problem with reeds is that they are extremely fragile. A person could easily break one in everyday wear and tear. I haven't played for many years now, but I am quite sure that they now make plastic reeds. They are a bit more expensive, but much more durable. I would say that if you don't pack plastic reeds you may as well not pack the instrument at all. The instrument will not play right if the reed has been damaged and it doesn't take too much damage to completely disable it.

Offered by Michael.