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I recall that not this long ago the news presented us in 1997 with the images of earthquake ravaged churches over there in Italy, where priceless art was reduced to rumble. What the most saddening moment for me was when I saw the collapsed walls of elder people's homes. The loss of that old building was the destruction of a lifelong connection between an elder woman and her memories of the place she called home. It struck me the most that she could not stop crying, could not stop expressing the hurt within her heart, trying to express that. Her sadness closed her up from outside influences.

It was investigated a month later what the effects of such destruction were on the villagers struck by it. I thought the conclusion might be beneficial if I shared it now with you for building an understanding (and from there a basis on which to build an individual inner-guide), to answer the question of how to help the people who will have lost too much during the cataclysms and cross our path in life. The conclusion of the investigation was that the villagers who were struck by the destruction in a devastating personal way - as loosing one's home - were all on differing but close levels unable to find the time to relax themselves and so they were unable to de-stress, they were unable to find a moment of peace in their mind!

Offered by Michel.