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I understand that every situation will be different as we are dealing with individuals here, human beings instead of soleless matter. Therefor it is best to be guided by intuition if you want to help, or better let another of your group help who is more empathic and telepathic than the rest and who is strongly equipped emotionally. Such a person is likely to volunteer.

I have thought about this to see if I could come up with ways of helping in a situation where a cataclysm-victim is so occupied by thinking about their personal trauma that he/she is disabling him/herself in their own functioning. I understand if you would pose the question of: why not leave him/her alone to ponder what he/she has gone through in order to let him/her come to an inner-resolve and acceptance? But, letting that rule them is not the most healthy solution for above all they are ruled by the process instead of them ruling the process, and the process we are dealing with here is about loss through violent destruction, there is no peace in that. As long as such a process of images, sounds and such from the victim's memory rules his/her mind there is no true resolve to this problem. In other words: How could one find resolve in something that needs to be resolved? It is like looking for the 'B' in 'A'. There is no true resolve because of that, and as long as that is continued by the ongoing process the probability of coming to a peace of mind is very dim, the troubled mind stays put.

Because it is an ongoing situation it needs to be intervened by distractions of a kinder nature. If the victim no longer finds him/herself occupied by the thoughts of destruction and loss then no longer will it stress his/her emotional stability, which by that is enabled to return to a state of balance (nature is a dynamic evolving system which evolves by continually seeking up the balance, it does this on every scale, as balance can only be achieved when everything is accounted for on the scales). Eventually, when the individual returns slowly but steadily to a state where the diversions become more interesting than the destructive process (which is destructive as it eventually causes deep depression - the most negative state of being for a human and is the opposite - naturally - of what will be achieved by intervening) that what was only hope then now becomes a reality, and they too return to normalcy! (not too often I think it can be stressed that everything is related, that we are all connected and that this can be found in that everything is literally reflected in everything else.) Normalcy? That is, a state where the relaxation of the mind becomes a matter of choice instead of a state where it is an impossibility

Offered by Michel.