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Gum Disease

I'm assuming that post pole shift, dentists will be few and far between! I know from my medical background that dental enamel is actually the hardest substance in the body. Often it is not the teeth, but the gums that will let us down! I have found that gums are the most important thing to maintain (so says my dentist). I can see that it is going to be easier to keep the teeth themselves going in the years ahead, but the gums are a challenge! Lots of flossing and all that stuff. Waterpics are great for gums but can I see using one post pole shift? I think not! I think the key is preventing buildup and yucky pockets and promoting good oral flora. Its a pretty mundane topic, but just one more thing we should think about.

Offered by Craig.

I have found if one has bacteria of the gums that one to two drops of Tea Tree oil put on a tooth brush (with or without tooth paste doesn't matter) while brushing your teeth, will get rid of bacteria in one to several applications. For maintenance one can use Tea Tree oil once every several weeks to once every 3 days. Any more frequent may be slightly irritating to the gums, but this all depending on the person. Brushing occasionally with Tea Tree oil, I have found, will handle gum bacteria, completely reversing the condition to the amazement of my dentist. According to Dr. Schulze - An infection of the gum can be handled by slicing a garlic clove in half and putting it on the gum over night. One can sleep with it between the lip and the gum. This will blister the outer part of the gum but who cares if it saves the tooth and kills the infection.

I recommend you pick up your own set of dental tools. The way to do this. Keep an eye on the shape of the tools your dentists uses to scrape the tarter off when you go in for cleanings. Get interested in what he is doing, ask questions. You can get these scraping tools cheaply at large swap meets and some discount tool places. You may need to sharpen your own from what you find. Practice from time to time scraping your own teeth. Note: Be sure to get the stainless steel ones so they will not rust. There are plated steel ones that are not as good.

Colloidal silver will not stay in the mouth long enough to get deep into an infected gum. If one is only putting it on the gums then it probably will not work vary well. One would need to take it internally in the proper dosage and have the circulation system deliver it to the site. Again both methods (garlic and silver) have their place and proper use.

Offered by Mike.

Tea Tree Oil has its place, but it's a highly volatile oil that easily destroys the surface layer of sensitive tissue like the gums. If you were in an emergency situation and had nothing else, OK. But why use a Model T Ford to do this job when you have a Ferrari sitting in the garage? Colloidal Silver will clear up any oral infection (including cancer) without any damage to healthy cells at all!

Offered by Ed