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Air Pressure

From: Benny J Peiser <>
To: <>
Date: 10. julij 1998 17:11
Subject: CCNet DIGEST 10/07/98

Some Musings on Atmospheric Pressure Waves
From E.P. Grondine <>

Several days ago I read a short piece in which it was claimed that two previously unknown small tribes of people had been discovered living in isolation on the north coast of Indonesia. These people supposedly have dark skin and dark hair, which is not that unusual in that part of the world, but what was truly unusual was that it was claimed that the people of these tribes supposedly communicate not with speech but entirely by sign language.

This immediately called to my mind Charles Pellegrino's most recent book on the myth of Atlantis and the explosion of Thera, "Unearthing Atlantis". In this work Pellegrino had speculated that the reported deafness of both Moses and Murshilishi might have been caused by an incredibly loud sound which accompanied the explosion of Thera. Pellegrino calculated an estimate of the size of the noise and how far the atmospheric shock wave must have traveled, and concluded that this hypothesis was entirely likely. Thinking along these lines, it seems to me that some impact explosions must also have produced sounds so loud as to be deafening. I do not think that this effect of impact explosions has been widely noted, and I do not think that researchers may be on the lookout for reports of wide-spread deafness.