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Prions now have been shown to exist in all domestic livestock. As I mentioned before, when diseased animals are killed, they are fed to other animals. This is particularly scary because chickens are fed to chickens, and to sheep and to cows, etc. Diseased cows are fed to cows, and fed to chickens, etc. It has now gone across species, as farmers feed them in this sick manner. Chickens would not naturally eat meat, let alone dead chickens, or cow meat. It is mixed in with their feed, to pump up their diets, and save the farmers a buck!

If the contamination of meat did not exist, I would not have mentioned any of this to the group. I am not a politically oriented vegetarian, nor am I an animal-rights type activist. Yes, I love animals, and all, but I don't hold people's diets against them. I just want people to be aware of how bad it has gotten. The latest news column of New Age Journal this past month mentioned a blurb about British people turning vegetarian. According to the statistics, 5,000 people per week are now turning vegetarian, every week. The numbers are expected to climb. I suspect this could be an answer to Mad Cow disease!

Offered by Alanna.