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Here's a Jeff Rense article that claims NASA images are being doctored to cover up chemtrails.

Offered by Mike O.

Just hang around under the chemtrails for a while and see for yourself what the stuff does to your physical mechanism. They have a system; they drop the stuff on clear days when the upper atmospheric winds are blowing in the direction that they find favorable and appropriate for whatever region the want to affect. I've watched them. The stuff disipates soon after ejection. If you're living, for example, in the eastern sector of a state and they want to hit that region they will drop the stuff into the westerly winds. They cloak the results of the poison to humans by blaming the rush to the pharmacy's on rising allergenic conditions, and the medical profession couldn't be happier. When I see the stuff coming I stay indoors and watch the direction of the wind. But then, they do it at night too; watch on a full moonlit night sometime.

Offered by Mike H.