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E1999:1999 Predictions4 years to go
F1999:Economic Collapse3.5 years to go
C1999:Social Disruption3.5 years to go
D1999:Likely Reality3.5 years to go
L1999: Next 3.5 Years3.5 years to go
E2000: During 20003 years to go
E2001: During 20012 years to go
E2002: During 20021 year to go
S2002:2002 Trends1 year to go
M2002:2002 Quickening9 months to go


The oceans will continue, as will the weather, the ocean of air, to become more erratic. Winds sweeping in without notice, sudden storms, deluges, tides that are greater than expected, especially along the Pacific coastlines. Warm oceans will occur in places where they should be cool, and the fisheries will suffer from this because they can't predict where the schools of fish will be.
We also predict, as we did last year, that there will be high tides. Not tsunamis, following earthquakes, but unusual high tides. We also predict that there will begin to be reports of whirlpools in the oceans that will startle those who have never seen such a thing in the oceans.


These and heating of the Earth from the core, causing melting polar ice and glaciers, is not new but an existing trend.