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Tilt to the North
Apr 25, 2004

A sudden TILT toward the Sun on Apr 25 was noticed by many during the Whiplash the Dark Twin produces during sweeps.

Your´re right! Sun coming in through my son´s bedroom window, instead of ours.

I also noticed it today just too far North.

The sun woke me up here in Seattle, so bright in this window where it never is, or has been before. Way too far North. It never comes directly into This window, it is always to the right of it.

I was awake this morning as the sun was rising, and it did appear to be farther north than I had expected.

The Sun rose 20 degrees North over last week. I would like to know what is going on. It is way North today.

It has moved North quite a bit in the last week. Something is up.

If this keeps up,it´ll be straight overhead this summer. Better go find yourselves a cozy bunker.

People I think this is a problem.

I am worried. I just went and looked. I know of no explanation for the Sun jumping so far North when it rises.

The sun continues northward, setting in near June position here in Joplin.

In Wisconsin it was at Azi 275 an hour before sunset, should have been at Azi 255, so 20 degrees too far North. The next morning I was shocked to see the sunlight on the was had moved, hard to miss as it shines through a stained glass window so that spot, cannot be missed. It appears to be 15-20 degrees too far North, again suddenly. The following morning, the Sun at 7:00 AM was at Azi 80 and Alt 30, where Skymap expects it to be at Azi 80 but only Alt 10. Thus, the Sun rose further North, as the Ecliptic angles from left to right.