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Sats and Servers
May 5, 2004 

All earthquake seismos have shut down in mddle of graphs at same time! Yes they´re back up and running, but why would all of them stop functioning simultaneously?

Live Seismo data is picked up by geosynchronous satellites, which travel with the Earth, standing in place over on spot. If the Earth suddenly jerked under the sats, the pickup of data would not occur until the sats adjusted over their respective spots again. An alternative explanation is sat interference because of some electro-magnetic pulse. HAARP sites went down at the same time, and this from Elfrad:

The ELFRAD on line data is down again and I apologize. No storms in the area today but an extremely large pulse opened the fuses which protects the detection equipment. After fuses were replaced, a second pulse took the system down again. Service should be restored around 1200 hrs, 04/05/2004