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Lou Gentile Show (Part 2)
January 28, 2005
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
The complete interview is available on the Lou Gentile web site, to subscribed members.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

LOU: [Want to take some phone calls?]


CALLER: [Mike O’Hara. Will the truth about the voter fraud and how Bush got into office every come out?]

NANCY: Here’s the Zetas on that.

‘We have explained, in new ZetaTalk, that the Puppet Master, who really pulls the strings of Russia’s Putin and the Bush Administration as well as many other major players around the globe by the basis of his great wealth, preferred to have Kerry win but when the voter fraud was so extensive that he could not bring his rebellious Bush and Cheney Puppets to heel, this includes Carl Rover, probably the mastermind behind much of this, he made a decision, the reason that Kerry conceded so quickly, not to have the voter fraud exposed to the public because this would open their eyes to the extent that their freedoms have really been taken away from them, and there aren’t really elections in the US as in many other countries, likewise. So there is suppression in the media. The media dropped this, in spite of the vast amount of information which was quickly collected and exposed, even hearings in Ohio and the like, none of this hit the major media in the US. So there’s a great deal of suppression against this.

Now what would be the circumstances that would cause exposes against Bush and Cheney to come forward? We predict that when serious Earth changes start to happen, not just tsunamis in the South Seas, but volcanoes exploding, cities ruptured, so there are a huge number of deaths and the emergency services are terribly taxed and the media begins wringing their hands and talking, there will be slips of the lips. There will be admissions about what’s causing this. And once this process starts, and people begin to talk about the planet that is in our solar system, the big bully out there 4 times the size of Venus and shrouded by a dust cloud which reflects the Sun’s glare so you can’t really see it that readily but you can sure tell what’s going on when you look at the Earth changes, people begin to talk. The weathermen have been told not to discuss this, you are to be vague about this, major commentators have been told this, there is very tight control over people who would be inclined to talk about it. They are all being told the big worry is panic in the populace, that this will pass, and that they should not say anything until it’s all over and done with, then you can talk about it. So they think they’re doing a good thing.

But as with the tsunami, where the Richter quickly went up to 9.2, when people begin to see that this is not going to pass, that lives are being lost, for instance Yellowstone and Mount St. Helens heaving and warming up and the magma rising and it’s ‘oh, shush, don’t say anything’, what if they erupt and people are dying by the hundreds of thousands? The consciences and the grief that people feel, the regrets that they feel, quickly loosen their lips. In this situation, voter fraud may come out, as ‘well, he was never elected anyway, what with all that fraud’, but we would predict that this is unlikely to be on the top of their minds. Most likely on the top of their minds are going to be their loved ones, the amount of death, the amount of agony, and that therefore, this may become almost an urban legend to be shared around the campfire after the pole shift.’

LOU: [Where is Planet X now?]

NANCY: OK, here’s ZetaTalk.

‘People are astonished when we say, and seem to be saying, month after month, it’s right next to the Sun, it’s coming around the Sun, it’s between the Earth and the Sun, but in fact, in December of 2003, when the Earth, trucking along in its orbit, encountered this body coming into its orbit. It stopped the way you would if you discovered an elephant in your driveway and that was the only way you could pass. Well why couldn’t the Earth sneak around? Because there are particle flows, as we have described, immense numbers of particles that create a block, and there’s crowding. Planets are swept along in their orbits, and stay at a distance from each other where they are comfortable with the particles that go into and out of the Sun. So Planet X creates a big disturbance in the equilibrium. A crowding of particles around it, behind it, and the like, so that in the cup. Nancy has described this as a stick in the river where you can see the water flow around it on either side, creating like a little ridge, a cup in front of that stick. And sometimes you’ll have something bobbling in the water, it doesn’t go down the river, it’s stuck in that cup. This is where the Earth is.

Currently, Planet X is not quite at the mid-point between the Earth and the Sun, very close to the Ecliptic or the Sun’s middle, and consequently you cannot see it because it’s like a dull fuzz ball in front of the Sun and reflects back the light that hits the dust cloud so intensely that it’s a terrific glare. If you were on the Sun’s side, looking at it, you’d be blinded, but if you’re on the Earth side, looking at it, it looks like a gray fuzz ball. So that’s where it is, and it has progressed from being below the Ecliptic in December of 2003 and down near the Sun’s South Pole, to rising up to the Ecliptic, from the right to the left as we have described in its retrograde orbit. This may seem slow, but it’s only been a year. And who’s to say, among human cultures, how fast a large planet, 23 times the mass of Earth, a big magnet who roars into the Sun and comes to a screeching halt as it skids around the Sun because of the Repulsion Force, the anti-gravity force, and gets ready to take off as it punches its way through the Ecliptic which is very crowded with particles going in and out of the Sun. This is something man does not have knowledge of. Numerous prophecies say ‘look at the constellations’ and the Book of Enoch states, ‘the constellations will not be right for the seasons’. They knew this was not going to be a fast process, not this time. And that’s where Planet X is.’

LOU: [Can you speak Zetan?]

NANCY: Actually, I couldn’t do that because they don’t have a sound, language. They are telepathically in contact with each other all the time. So they don’t actually have a language and they actually don’t even have names. They’ve said ‘there’s no need for a name, we recognize people telepathically’. They say ‘oh, I’ve worked with you before on a different life time’, their souls communicate one to another. In the current life form that they are in, the Zeta life form, they say ‘what is your mission, how can I help?’ or ‘how do you interface with each other?’ and the like, and this all happens, they’re chattering like crazy all the time. So they don’t bother with names, they don’t need names, only the selfish aliens, the Service-to-Self aliens have labels and names and rules and rituals, and that’s because, like many of our very harsh societies, like for instance perhaps Islam where they have the women draped in black and cut off your hands because you steal something because you’re starving, whatever, harsh. Even, I would put, mention, Catholicism, very harsh on the poor people that struggle to live under those edicts, like ‘you can’t have sex without having a child’. So these are Service-to-Self aspects. They do have names. But good hearted aliens do not, they don’t need them, they speak telepathically.

LOU: [Why is there so much talk of war lately?]

NANCY: Here’s ZetaTalk on that:

‘Of course, much prophecy talks about the end times as being a battle of good and evil, and the reason for this is that there is a polarizing. Frankly, the self centered aliens, which in most worlds, developing worlds, about 5% of the developing souls, 95% deciding to be empathic and caring about each other, they’re losing their grip, they’re being pushed off the globe. There was already a vote, just prior to Roswell, that every human on Earth, every soul, whether incarnated or not, on Earth, participated in a direct election, not representative, and decided, as expected, that the Earth should be Service-to-Other. So these people are being shooed off the Earth, and are trying as best they can to get recruits. And the way they do it is to create a feeling of helplessness, abandonment. You have a soldier that goes in playing rock music, hepped up on amphetamines, and ‘isn’t this great, it’s fire on the roof, shock and awe’, and then later realizing what he’s done to children who’ve had their arms fried off, this person is in danger of selling their soul, as one might say, to the Devil. They have become hardened. They are less empathic. And this is what these forces want. So they try to stir this, and as much as they can, they stir the pot in the End Days, creating religious wars, creating those who would be greedy and grabbing what they can get at the last minute so they can be kings in the Aftertime, after the pole shift, to think in those terms, and hold knowledge of the Earth changes from poor people who truly need this information to help their families. And so this type of activity goes on. The wars are part of this. There’s other knowledge.

- 2000 years ago, Mohammed and Jesus sprung up in the Middle East, in that region, and spread their message, and it was predictable that those who are rigid and try to dampen empathy lay in a lot of rules, which has happened. Jesus’ message was very simple, the Golden Rule, and all of a sudden its a number of rituals that you have to follow, including going to church on Sunday and where you touch yourself and genuflect and this is not his message at all. The same is true with Mohammed, who certainly did not suggest that the Islamic nations should be doing what they are doing. So it was predictable.

- But there’s another aspect, and that is oil. In the past, aliens who were giving prophetic messages, and this includes Star Children like Jesus and Mohammed, were well aware that oil pools were in the Middle East and where they would reside, and how this would create a clash in religions. So this is to a great degree an oil grab, the wars that are going on.

- To some degree it’s saber rattling because starvation and crop shortages and the like are rampant and a country like North Korea is taking a tough stance in an attempt to force people to give them food. So some of this saber rattling is predictable when Earth changes put a squeeze on countries. And that’s the basis of all this saber rattling and war mongering is all about.’

Some of the most important ZetaTalk comes out on your show, some of the best stuff. Even though it’s frustrating because I’m long winded, in retrospect, people say, ‘oh, its the good stuff’.

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