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Chile Quake
May 3, 2004 

Strong Earthquake Rocks Chile
Santiago, Chile, May 3, 2004

A strong earthquake rocked central and southern Chile early Monday, causing alarm but no injuries or damage, authorities said. The government´s Emergency Bureau said the 6.6-magnitude quake was centered off the coast of Temuco, 320 miles south of Santiago. It hit at 12:49 a.m. EDT Monday and was felt from Rancagua, 50 miles south of Santiago, to Puerto Montt, 650 miles south of the capital. The Emergency Bureau said electric power was briefly cut in some areas.

2004/05/03 19:33:16 18.00S 172.50W 45.7 5.8 TONGA REGION
05:12:40 14.35N 90.82W 125.2 5.7 GUATEMALA
2004/05/03 04:36:51 37.64S 73.21W 30.0 6.6 NEAR THE COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE