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Rogue Asteriod
by NASA Scientist, Oct 5 at 8:40 EDT

At NASA we are the brains, the CIA is the brawn. As a member of an elite team, we were given different scenarios, one what if situation presented to us, was, if a rouge asteroid threaten life on Earth, what would be our solution? The group, one of the best in the world came to the conclusion that panic throughout the world population would result in a higher death toll than the impact itself.

You should get the picture, the government secretly pushed Deep Impact and Armageddon to prepare the public sub-consciously. So we put together a plan just in case, and if this did not work we were under the impression Mission Control in Houston would go public in order the preserve as many lives as possible.

One day, the military inquired about this plan stating concern, and the meeting did not sit right with me. We are the leaders in space technology so why were they prepping us of a threat? The plan
[Galileo buried into Jupiter] was instituted and designed to coincide with a normal space operation just in case a cover story was needed, but targeting [nuking Planet X] did not work.

Our new infrared satellite
[launched Aug 25] failed unexpectedly and we were blind. We had to depend upon the space station staff by a scientist well briefed in nuclear technology, SOHO and Houston for accurate guidance. So in late September, the cover story was released as normal into the general population, and now I am worried, because stray meteorites breaking away from the main object have been impacting Earth within the last couple of weeks.

Details, sketchy at best are spread by rumors only, so my confidence is low and team was given orders to muzzle all information officially under national security. When members of NASA resigned recently
[nine resigned, citing Space Station safety concerns], it struck me as odd. Are they running from an incident that we had under control that is now out of hand.

My kids are the apple of my eye, if the worst happens, do I take my chances in the field among the coarse or stay with the pack, my co-workers, which I loathe. They think only of themselves. I want to apologize to America. It was my intentions to protect you, spare you the pain and worry. It has been weighing on my mind.

Others would like to come forward, but intimidation and visions of David Kelly and the Wilsons bring them to reality, no one wants to volunteer for a suicide mission, let someone else save this planet. I thought we would have a solution, but that will not happen. After watching the posts here on GLP transpire during recent months, my advice to you, is to follow the facts and your instincts, gauge the words by the intensity of backlash and the percentage of an element of truth.

Could a scenario be true even though you don’t have all the pieces? The higher the confrontation against certain posts exhibiting a common theme, the closer you may be to the reality. The inbound object is odd, the slight glimpse I had during the briefing, due to security and a need to know basis, showed an object masked within a dust cloud. I asked myself, what kind of an asteroid has its own dust cloud? I have a bad feeling about this.

If you want to know, I did this for my kids and unofficially my fate is sealed. I have nothing to lose if you detect who I am. Although, I really would like to visit them just in case, but all the vacation days until the end of the year have been taken. I never had a problem before except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but this year is different.

I want our country to return to what the forefathers expected out of this land, the truth, personal freedom and trust in God. As the months progress, what few there are I will put my faith in God, not man’s religion, it is only here will my spirit find true peace. This is a one time post. I will not respond to questions. If anybody does use my post name, NASA Scientist, it is not me. Godspeed to all who live on this world, one of many that have life forms.