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TOPIC: Check Lists

A Usenet group dedicted to survival skills, misc.survivalism, offers a compilation of mini lists done by David Lee (, who recommends Frugal's Home Page on the web. The misc.survivalism list includes mini lists from SAS Survival Handbook, Urban Survival Handbook, Save Your Life, Food for Thought, Camping and Woodcraft, Common Sense, Ten Essentials, US Army, Kit Sources, Gear Sources, Richard's List, Camping List, and Pack Items. Personal lists, such as Clipper's Little Box and the lists inspired by that thought such as Mike's, Shekina's, and Nick's list are also shared as a guide. Quick purchase or last minute items are available from Ebay, Home Depot, Target, WalMart, Dollar Stores, Big Lots, but more items are available at Harbor Freight.