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From the Millennium-Arc

Prevention. Encourage natural predators such as dragonflies or praying mantises. Eliminate pools of stagnant water. Avoid wearing perfume, bright colors, flowery prints, and bright jewelry as these items attract mosquitoes.

Citronella, Tansy or Basil. Plant citronella, tansy or basil around the patio and house to repel mosquitoes.

Fish love mosquito larvae too, and to stop mosquitoes from breeding in rain water tanks a (dessert spoon only) of kerosene poured on the top of water kills the larvae.

Offered by Jan.

Mosquitoes are drawn to carbon dioxide, or your breath. I think your skin emits a certain amount also. So cover exposed skin as much as possible and wear loose fitting clothes so they can't get their little beaks into ya. The itch you feel when bitten is a chemical reaction caused by the saliva they put into you to keep your blood from coagulating while they feed. They lay their eggs in ponds of water and swampy areas. Their eggs here can live through -60 below zero and even colder sometimes. So they are hardy, right up there with the cockroach. The wind and slight breezes blow them away. Birds are a good defense for them as they eat plenty of them all day long, as the swallows do here in the summer. The EPA offers some good advice on how to control mosquitoes.

Offered by Clip.