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Commercial Sites

We had a big feast of yabbies this trip harvested from one of the two dams I installed at my cabin. I am putting in some bush tucker plants both for interest and commercial reasons. Its a good project and will pay its way as well. The lemon myrtle will be first to produce dollars (under 12 months). It’s a hardy permanent green leaf tree that can be harvested for the leaves when ever you want the dollars! We are also putting in a wattle that produces a seed that when roasted gives a brew better than coffee and is now gaining great popularity in Australia.

Now while a lot of others talk about survival on their computers I am not hearing much about practical things being done in the present, i.e. setting up such sites. The attitude seems to be that being aware is enough. If we talk about how to negotiate, say via vendor financing which can even be nothing down, and then add practical suggestions on how to grow a cash crop on the site to pay for it, we might get doing than just talking.

In Indonesia even the sides of the road and rail tracks are cultivated yet in America and Australia most land is wasted with lazy agriculture such as cattle, wheat, sheep, or cotton. With the right crops 30 acres can be exceedingly profitable, or as I have done with Earthworms on this site of only 5 acres I have a million dollar plus income (pays for all the toys too). Maybe we could float "cash crops to pay for your site".

Offered by Darryl.