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Mr. Hoag's Bunker

I just saw a Strange Universe episode on Mr. Hoag, an engineer, who could not build his “dream survival bunker”. Since he could not afford to build and equip such a facility, he enlisted the help of 150 investors ($1,000,000 total cost) and has built in the wilderness a three story underground facility complete with water supply, electricity, food supply and communications. He has built it to survive nuclear war (complete with decontamination facilities on site) flood, and earthquake.

Members have specialized skills - like a resident ham operator versed in Morse Code and other forms of communications. His wife is a teacher for their 5 children and will serve in that capacity for the other resident children. Medical and survival skills are also delegated to other members as there are several medical doctors in the group.

He did this because he believes that something, possibly nuclear, will occur before the year 2000. The 150 “investors + families” are to be allowed entrance to facility via secret entrance known only to them. I must say the facility looked rather impressive to me. He has gone public with this because he believes that other such groups must form if they are to survive.

Report by Pat.