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Utilities Sufficient

I’m putting up a post and beam one story house on reinforced concrete sono-tubes. One story houses without a solid foundation are least susceptible to cracking of the foundation, and to movement moment between stories. My significant other would not agree to an underground house.

Power is the first item:
Right now I can be connected to the grid, but when the brownouts and blackouts start in 1-1-2000, I need protection and back up. I’m using a 2300 watt diesel generator($1300--runs for 30,000 hours between overhauls), to power a Trace DR 1212 1500 watt inverter/charger($800--85-95% efficient, with 1/2 watt idling mode), and a set of 6 Trojan T-105 6 volt batteries to give 700 amp hours of service($450). I will be using one PV array but only to power a 75 watt separate fan or heating coil as an option for the toilet composter.
Heat is the second item:
I’ll be using a used wood stove(about $300, assorted pipe). I have plenty of wood on the property, but my gas for the chain saw will only last so long before I have to do it by hand.
Water is the third Item:
My property appears to have a viable spring on it within 300 feet of the house. Using 2 steel galvanized garbage cans I will be developing a mini-spring house. The spring is above the house in elevation. This allows me to use a small 100 watt Shurflo P-SF AC 120 volt 2088 pump and also the same to pump the water into a pressure tank. I’ll be using a cistern from the spring, with the addition of water from the roof. (Total $600)
Hot Water: At the moment I’m planning on using a Paloma Propane gas tankless heater which puts out 2 gallons per minute($755). However, with the abundant wood on the property I could go for a Pronto combination wood/diesel 15 gallon fired water heater at a much reduced price of $230.
Sanitation: I plan to use a Sun Mar Centrex AF-NE non electric composting toilet ($1400). I’ll also be using a 60 foot lined trench for gray water(about $200). This will be gravity feed and drop.
Additional appliances:
Either a wood cookstove or a Peerless Propane Stove($400-660)
For washing:
A Staber 200 watt washing machine($1000), and for back-up a small Staber two gallon manual non-electric model for $49.

Offered by Glenna.