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We are fortunate in the States to have a wide variety of activities that are somewhat main stream and can also help us in our preparation. We have Chemtrails and Contrails, but we also have survival classes, community farms and access to a lot of new technologies. We in the States have the opportunity to move forward while still staying somewhat in the main stream. My approach has been to look for ways we can keep moving forward without a total disruption of our family life. It is sort of ironic that the changes we have made like camping, going to a family survival camp, change in diet and joining a community farm are activities the kids love. So we are cutting down on the TV and finding activities that help the whole family grow physically and spiritually, and which will also give us much needed survival skills. My wife and I have looked at the whole issue of a possible pole shift as a kick in the butt, to stop accepting the fact that everything main stream does is correct. It is much easier to go with the tide than against it. We have known for a long time that society is heading in the wrong direction, but it takes a lot of courage and strength to go the other way.

Offered by David.