An Alloy Example

Now, there are many high-grade alloys and steels that could be precision-cast into the shape of an IPS panel, but if resistance to extreme seismic activity is the primary goal of a specific building design, than the steel known as MAR 350 would undoubtedly be the best material for the job, because, with a tensile and compressive yield strength of 350,000 pounds per square inch, it is the strongest of all steels and alloys, and it has a very high toughness rating as well. To add, this steel requires only simple heat treatment to obtain its strength, and it maintains high dimensional stability during casting and heat-treating. Furthermore, if any machining is necessary after these processes which would bring the dimensions of a panel into an acceptable range, this steel can be machined by more than one tool steel. Further yet, this steel maintains high strength in temperatures that would result from a typical building fire.