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The solids in stools if removed of parasites would be valuable as nourishment for growing plants. There are many methods to check out. All raw stools from humans or other animals should be respected as potentially dangerous. Children should be taught this early on. If one gets more than a given quantity (say 10-100 depending on state of immune system) of alive parasites or eggs into the body then the parasite can take hold and establish themselves in the body. Then, immediate sickness and/or chronic long term degeneration of some type can start.

Both the water separated from stools and the urine could be flowed through Pyrex tubing wrapped around a small wattage germicidal Ultraviolet Lamp to kill any remanding pathogens. These small florescent bulbs last a year of continuos use or 2 years of 12 hr use. This type of lamp could also be used to keep the recirculating hydroponic nutrients clear of parasites (mold Spores, bacteria, etc.) for the hydroponic growing process. This same type of lamp is used now in a water filter system that can be used in remote areas and underdeveloped countries. It also filters lead.

Offered by Mike.