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Good Buys

Military Surplus stuff is pretty readily available. I just ordered a new East German dark grey full length, lined wool coat for $20 and matching wool slacks for $18. Should make a nice winter coat for next year. Three years ago we bought a Marine Corp. radio that was used as a high country base station during Viet Nam for $200. We are able to broadcast as well as receive radio and teletype messages from all over the world. This year we will be picking up some Canvas Tents: one 24' x 52' for $150 and two 16' Hex for $ 50 each. All three tents come with all the poles, etc. At past meets we've found great buys such as:

Heavy duty Coveralls $5/pair
Alice Packs (Knapsacks)$5 ea.
Wool Underwear Shirts (Henley style) - New3/$7
Wool Sweaters$7 ea.
Misc. Canvas Bags$1 & up
Insulated Canvas Coolers
(big enough to hold a whole case of beer)
(keeps things colder longer than our Coleman cooler TOO !!)
Collapsing Canvas Water Buckets $3 ea.
Wooden Boxes with hinged lids - 10” x 12” x 36"
(105 mm shell shipping boxes made with 3/4" boards & have rope handles)
Wooden Ammo Boxes like above - 26” x 14" x 18"$11 ea.
Metal Ammo Cans - 4” x 7” x 11"
(water, fire & explosive proof !!)
$3.50 ea.
24 volt gas powered Generator$150

Offered by Cat.