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I was looking for a light cart to carry stuff after the pole shift. What I found so far was :

  1. Game carrying carts rated up to 550 lb. 24"x 82" platform - around $120. The only problem is that the wheels are looking like 19” bike tires - which means puncture. I wonder how long tires are going to last. Is there any substitute for bike wheels - like a solid rubber, etc.?
  2. Carts used to carry kayaks and canoes. They have smaller wheels made from rubber or plastic, are solid (no air inside).

Offered by Chris.

If you can find one an old military cart used by airborne forces to carry ammo that would work. It might be expensive but it should take the abuse, they have solid tires.

Offered by Mike.

Things to consider:

  1. In general bigger (larger diameter) wheels are easier to push or pull by hand especially over rough ground.
  2. Wider wheels work better with mud, sand.
  3. Larger diameter and wider wheels would work better for our application but tend to have move mass to move. One must take into account the mass or weight of the wheel as compared to the mass being moved, so as to keep the unit light and efficient.
  4. Tube type tires can probably be made near puncture proof by filling with 2 part foaming rubber (chemical reaction hardening) or flat fix available at local auto parts houses. For real hard, fill with 2 part epoxy (use the softer more rubbery type) mix. Theoretically you could ware the rubber off and still keep going. Will make the wheel-tire heavier.
  5. No mater the decision, patches for tube type tires should be keep in stock. There will be enough tube type tires others will have or you will find that will need fixing.
  6. Garden carts and large red wagons are also possibilities. Harbor Freight Tools and some garden shops sell these in various sizes at a reasonable prices.
  7. A used wheel chair if not needed by a person after the pole shift could be used to move cut logs or rigged with a couple of sticks wired to it's frame, such that it can be tipped back and pull or strapped to a person to carry there belongings. These things can be picked up for $50 or less at garage sails. I bought one for $30 this last weekend. If the thin rubber tire wares out then the rim and the pipe hand hold becomes a long lasting metal tire.

Offered by Mike.