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I can see off road bicycles could have some use on harder types of ground-gravel-rock. However, due to the non-stop rain and no vegetation to hold the soil in place, suspect in most places bicycles will not be able to be used for sometime. Good to have them though for when they can be used. Mountain bike may work for some areas. For the most part there will be lots of mud with no vegetation holding it. Roads will be all broken up. The gravel side of the road may be passable in some places. However an off road or mountain bike with puncture proof tires is one of the most likely things that may work. Carts should have light weight, wide puncture-proof tires, with large diameter rims for mud use. Even then it will be rough going when pushed by hand. At the very least we can predict at some point in time after the pole shift once the rains slow down that these things will be useful.

Offered by Mike.

I feel we will have no roads, more or less. You know what earthquakes do to roads. I think horse back and pack horse or ponies would be a good way to go. Another option is to load a strong bike with packs like a pack animal and ride where you can and walk and push it where you can't. I learned that one from the Viet Cong. That is how they brought supplies down from the north to south Viet Nam.

Offered by Darrell.