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Hunting Carts

My husband has used both single wheel and double wheel carts for hunting. The single-wheeled cart is easily overturned, and is hard to balance even with two people pulling. The double wheel cart can easily hold up to 500 lb., is easy to pull even in mud. It has 21" wheels, 8" of axle clearance, the weight is only 28 lb. which makes it easy to transport. When not in use can also double as a cot. One person can pull it quite comfortably. He has used it crossing creeks, up rocky terrain, across wash outs and in open sage brush country. Last year he brought out a 450 lb. elk in one trip, approximately 1 1/2 miles in about 35 minutes, with 2 people pulling.

Cabelas, 1 800 237-4444, sells this size for about $129.00. They have several other styles also. Once you have seen the picture from their catalogue, it should be relatively easy for a handyman to construct one out of old bike tires and scrap metal. The deck is made from canvas or tarp material.

Offered by Mary.