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Electric Tractor

I think an electric tractor could solve both the transportation and gardening needs in one product after the pole shift. Standard tractor implements would attach to the power take off for plowing or tilling. For those that will end up roaming around after the pole shift, just hook a trailer on the back to carry family and personal needs. Electric tractors are not a New Idea. Note that those who have electric tractors like them very much and report low maintenance.

One possibility would be to buy or build the unit with one or two windmills mounted on top that run all the time, night and day, and possibly even while the tractor is moving. Don't purchase the solar cells. The windmills could be semi-permanently positioned above a roof to keep the rain off. Travel or garden by day and charge batteries by day and night. Top speed could be 8-10 MPH, most of the time travel will be much slower. Wouldn't want to shake the windmill too much as you bounce along, so the top speed wouldn't be that high. With the roads torn up I don't think we will be going any place very fast. This unit could travel across country without needing roads. Once in a while we may need to out-run someone running on foot. I think 10 MPH could do that.

Offered by Mike.

There was a garden tractor called Speedex which I thought was engineered by a genius. It was fabricated from stock off the shelf stuff or at least looked like it was. It had what appeared to be a car’s rear axle and frame of I beams with a Briggs engine that slid back and forth to tighten or loosen the belt to the transmission. That was the clutch. It would be easy to copy using auto junk yard parts, I think and I had a notion to try that once. It would work as well with an electric motor, in my opinion. I would try to scale it up to a larger size tractor than a lawn mower of course.

Offered by Darrell.