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Wind Car

For the essentials, visualize 4 wheels mounted to a large box type frame. Wheels widely spaced for stability. Two wheels for steering like a car. In the center of this box frame a pipe sticks up that is held in place with 4 wires attached about 1/3 from the top of the pipe to the 4 corner's of the box. This allows space for the carved wood propeller to turn without hitting the wires. On top of this pipe is a wind mill that turns a shaft (smaller pipe would work for the shaft) inside the support pipe. This next turns a rear end with pinion shift pointing up. Attached with U-Joint. The axial shaft then either goes to the rear end that drives the wheels or through a standard transmission for speed control.

The actual parts used would depend on what one can find available at the time. Cable or hydraulic brakes for stopping and a way to turn the propeller out of the wind would be needed. A clutch for to allow shifting of the transmission would be desirable. For the assisting sail - attach this to the center post like a mast on a sail boat. Boxes or buckets could be mounted just inside the 4 wheels to be used for movable counter ballast. This would be used to keep it from tipping over. The up wind side would get the most weight. The driver and riders could even ride on the windward side to help hold it down a bit like a racing sail boat.

Offered by Mike.