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From The Potter’s Dictionary of Materials and Techniques, by Frank and Janet Hamer, 1991,
ISBN 0-7136-3337-9, published by
University of Pennsylvania Press, 418 Service Drive, Philadelphia, PA 19104 or
A&C Black Limited, 35 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4JH.

Romano-British Kiln:
The kiln was a low beehive structure sunk into the ground with a dome which was remade over the closely packed pots for each firing. There was no chimney, only an exit hole in the dome, and the firemouth was a pit leading to a circular area with a central clay column supporting the chamber floor, By digging the kiln our of the clayey ground the kiln became a fired pot unit but was probably considered fairly expendable since more than one is usually found at one site. They also face different ways, perhaps to make use of different winds.