TEAM: Slowing

The Earth's slowing rotation in response to the approaching 12th Planet is becoming noticable.

For those who would like to sync watches and compare notes, a method of Keeping Track has been devised. These clock times will be compared against the official NIST date. This project has Benefits. Sync times are Apr 15th, 1998, Jul 12, 1998, Oct 25, 1998, Jan 3, 1999, Apr 4, 1999, Jul 11, 1999, Oct 31, 1999, Jul 9,2000, Apr 1, 2001, Oct 28, 2001.

Mike has discovered that based on the Atomic Clock being set and reset by the Navy, as all these clocks worldwide sync with the Navy clock automatically, the data collected by the TEAM to date shows a Slowing Trend! Mike's charts, recently Updated on:
Watched Clocks/Atomic Clocks difference: A1 (2nd Integral), A2 (1st Derivative), A3 (2nd Derivative)
Watched Clocks Majority/Atomic Clocks Difference: B1 (2nd Integral), B2 (1st Derivative), B3 (2nd Derivative)
Casio Wristwatch/Atomic Clock Comparison: C1 (2nd Integral), C2 (1st Derivative), C3 (2nd Derivative)
Summary and Projection: D1 (2nd Integral), D2 Estimated Slippage, D3 by May 15, 2003
show this, so that Future Trends can be hypothesized.

For information on developing TEAM activities, contact Mike.